Higginbotham Brothers, Inc. is recognized as one of the leading custom home builders in St. Louis, Missouri. Their unique designs in the luxury home building market have made them the benchmark in high end home building.

Their website is a multifunction production of brochure, property display and client relations. Visit their Internet site at the below web address.

Site: http://www.homesbyhigginbotham.com


We were brought into Higginbotham to work with their advertising agency and develop the on-line image in concert with their printed and published material.

The site was developed in a content management system (CMS) which incorporated a two template approach. The cover page was created to be a simple but effective presentation to the user. Navigation is clear and precise. The main sections of the site was designed to enhance the descriptive areas and accentuate Higginbotham's known expertise, detail molding.

Throughout the site we added some dynamic elements like the portfolio layering module and other effects.

Lastly, the site was adjusted for search engine optimization (SEO) . This process, while continuous, was developed both in content and the CMS application enhancement.

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