Are your systems compatible?

We develop with web standards such as css and xhtml that are designed for maximum backwards and forwards compatibility (see W3C). Our goal is complete cross browser compatibility. Apple and Microsoft do have their own proprietary platforms that do not exclude the web standards, but may need to be considered if the project require particular functionality.

The growth of pervasive wireless access, 3G and 4G mobile phones and other handheld devices are continuing to change the development process. This is the fastest growing sector for web growth in the coming decade.

If you build your site today with only PC based browsers in mind, using traditional web development techniques such as tables for layout, then your site will most likely be inaccessible on any small form factor device. And to enable such access you may well have to redevelop the site from scratch. Perhaps you can afford to exclude handheld users today, but what is the projected life-cycle for your site? Will you be able to turn those users away two or three years from now?

We utilize web standards such as cascading style sheets (CSS) and valid xhtml, and ensure your site's compatibility.


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