About Us
For over 20 years, SIPPEL has developed and produced 100s of custom systems for our clients.

Our History

From what was a hobby to full service web development, here's our path.

Development in HTML

Before editors and with the use of notepad and an included graphics programs, our first designs on the web.
June 1995

Dynamic Elements

The beginning of our use of dynamic data elements to supply websites with information outside of html.
October 1996

First Commercial Work

The internet begins to super heat with all the potential. We began building dynamic certificate systems for the insurance industry.
April 1998

Company Created

In 1999, we incorporated as St. Louis Advertising Online. Trying to handle the paper advertising world and convert it to web.
July 1999

Company Expands

Sippel Technologies evolves and moves into full web development services.
June 2004

Building Fast

With cost of doing business skyrocketing, focus on efficiencies through the web made development and marketing a key element
February 2009


While SEO strategies have always been a focus, major changes in search engines forced sites to respond to requirements to stay competitive.
August 2014


With a force of a millions of people, the political climate focuses on the internet to develop and fund raise. We were instrumental in many political campaigns to get the word out.
November 2015

Social Media Dictates

All of our developments involve strategic planning to include the various platforms of social media and connected network site systems
July 2018

Integration and APIs

The internet continues to develop and integration of data is the focus. Whether it is feeding a market place or populating an entire industry with information, building today's site involve integration with the entire market.
July 2021

This is what we do

Focus and Strategy

Mission Statement

Sippel Technologies provides internet services for website design, program development, search engine optimization, and systems integration. Our goal is to provide the best services at fair prices by providing our customers work above, and beyond.


Making sure our client expectations are met in superior performance and precise project management.
Strive for the Best


Looking forward, Sippel Technologies continues to evolve as systems and resources change. With our mission, we plan to enhance the services offered to our clients and respond to their needs with the industry leading services.